Fluentd Concenter Docker Image

We released another public Docker image. This time for fluentd to be used as an ingestion service rather than a Daemonset.
It can be used as a drop-in replacement in combination with the upstream fluentd Helm chart and incl. the fluentd-s3 plugin.
Further plans are to add support for GeoIP lookup and predefined parsers and filters.

The container image is based on the upstream, official Dockerfiles from fluentd and fluentd-kubernetes-daemonset .

Current changes are:

  • Alpine 3.14 based
  • passes Trivy scan as of Sep. 02 2021
  • fluentd runs as non-root fluent user
  • remove fluent-plugin-detect-exceptions due to being unmaintained and pulling in insecure dependencies
  • restrict ElasticSearch Ruby SDK to < 7.14 to allow connecting to any OSS search endpoint
  • latest plugins otherwise

Details and Downloads: